In traditional Chinese philosophy the Five Elements (五行) describe the cyclical functioning of nature, every waste is the origin of new creation, nothing is lost, a perfectly balanced system, the oldest systematic concept of ecology and sustainability worldwide.

Although in modern day China this ancient knowledge seems to be lost, we are convinced that many chinese people still intuitively relates to its deeper meaning. Therefore we adapted it as motto and guideline for our work. In all our projects, on every scale, either architectural design or urban planning, we strive to integrate and balance the five main elements “Ecological”, “Creative”, “Smart”, “Efficient” and “Economical”, in order to reach the best possible result, for our clients and for the future users. This is at the core of what we call: “Integrated Design for a Low Carbon Future”.

中国古老哲学之“五行”关注自然的呈现与持续运作。“五行”盛衰形成了大自然的变 化与循环,成就了一个完美的平衡系统,也是全球最古老的生态和可持续理念。

在当今中国,这个看似应被每个中国人深刻理解的真知灼见却被完全忽视了。因此我们 重提这一古老且质朴的系统理论,发展出指导我们设计的新“五行”之道,并将其运用于我们的每一个项目:无论规模大小、建筑设计或城市规划。我们致力于将生态、创 意、智能、高效和经济五个基本要素进行汇聚、融合,以缜密精深的手段使之达到平衡和永续发展,竭力提供给我们的客户及子孙后代最完善的设计成果。我们将这个过程称 作“迈向低碳未来的一体化设计”。