The business sectors of MUDI GROUP are architecture, consulting, R&D, engineering and products. MUDI GROUP has its business core firmly rooted in the field of architecture, with a strong team of professional and experienced international architects.

The consulting team has a deep understanding and expertise of the Chinese market. For each project they carry out in-depth research into the real estate market to analyse market data and trends; the findings and expert opinions form the foundations for the architectural design.

MUDI GROUP has a team of product designers and developers who carry out R&D and engineering to test novel ideas and concepts during the development cycle of a product.
During the course of architectural design, we often encounter situations and real life challenges which existing products do not adequately solve. Our goal is to use our design, architecture, consulting and engineering expertise to develop novel solutions and technologies to solve such challenges; the end products compliment and differentiate our design.

慕迪联合设计的专业领域专注于建筑设计, 设计咨询,研发,工程和产品开发。慕迪的核心专业领域是建筑设计,公司拥有一支优异的国际建筑师团队,他们专业并且拥有丰富的项目经验;他们十分了解中国市场。

慕迪建筑师团队紧密的与设计咨询团队合作 - 慕迪设计咨询团队常年开展市场调研,进行深层次的中国地产市场的追踪,对不同市场层次进行分析;设计咨询团队的结论和专业建议被用作为建筑师团队的设计基础,确保委托方的商业战略和投资战略成功。